Financial Markets Analysis


EII Financial Markets Analysis 19-01: Justified Stock Market Price, January 2019

Following the fourth-quarter correction in the US stock market, the JSMP model indicates substantial scope for market appreciation in 2019 even allowing for a significant price discount from heightened political risk.  Price: $25

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EII Financial Markets Analysis 18-02: Estimates of Fundamental Equilibrium Exchange Rates, November 2018

In October, 2018, the US dollar was marginally overvalued, the Japanese yen and Korean won moderately undervalued, and the euro and Chinese renminbi were at fundamental equilibrium levels. To commission a specially-tailored report using a more recent base month, incorporating additional countries, or addressing specific issues, please contact  Price: $50

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EII Financial Markets Analysis 18-01:  Justified Stock Market Price, October 2018 

Despite moderate overvaluation at end-2017, by end-September 2018 this overvaluation had diminished and US stock prices were on track to rise significantly through end-2019 as major increases in earnings more than offset normalization of price-earnings ratios.

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