Welcome to Economics International Inc (EII), a Washington DC research and consulting corporation.  This website features the recent research of William R. Cline, President of EII.

William R. Cline

Dr. Cline is Senior Fellow Emeritus at the Peterson Institute for International Economics (see Biography.)


Recalculating the China Shock to US Manufacturing Employment (April 2019) — This freely downloadable research report finds that the number of US jobs displaced by imports from China is substantially lower than estimated previously in the preeminent study on this issue. (See Working Papers.)

Justified Stock Market Price, January 2019 — This for-purchase report applies Dr. Cline’s model of stock market price levels to the January macroeconomic outlook and consensus earnings projections. (See Financial Markets Analysis.)

Fundamental Equilibrium Exchange Rates, November 2018 — This for-purchase report continues the semi-annual series estimated since 2008.   (See Financial Markets Analysis.)

US Median Household Income Has Risen More Than You Think (October 2018)  —   This freely downloadable research report finds that real median household income has risen much more over the past 50 years than generally recognized.  (See Working Papers.)


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